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About Us

Jimac10.com is a considerably newer store that is slowly but surely getting better and better each day. We started with no more than a few items but we’re gradually adding to our inventory. Now, we have quite a bunch of items on our website. We might not be on a competing level with some of the other great online electronic stores but give us some time; we’ll become even bigger than them.

Now that we’ve told you a bit about ourselves; let’s get into some of the things we sell on our website (www.jimac10.com).


We have a pretty decent inventory of cameras under our belt. We have every type of camera on our website. We start with a 360-degree camera. This isn’t your average 360-degree camera to be used for recording certain occasion. It is used as a security camera to help you record everything that going to happen in your place. The camera is disguised as a light bulb and can be installed in your typical bulb socket. When you’re not going to record, you can just use it as a bulb to light up your place. Oh, and you can also connect this thing to your Wi-Fi and view the footage remotely at real time.

We also have sports cameras like GoPros. They’ll be recording in 4k, so don’t worry about the quality because it will be impeccable. You could hook these cameras up to your hat or stick them on to your chest piece. But, make sure they’re ON because you wouldn’t want to lose these little beautiful things.

Other than 360 degree and sports cameras, we also have a line of your standard cameras on our website too. From simple video cameras to handheld 1080p camera kits, we have everything you could hope for. These are perfect for recording events. You could just put them up on a tripod and let the camera do its work on its own.


Smart Watches

We don’t have those $10,000 wrist watches here, but we have some great ones. Most of the watches here are waterproof and incorporate the complete Android OS to your wrist. They might not be able to run Vain Glory or things like that, but they can easily run most of the basic android application on their small screen.

We’ve picked products that are especially light weight. You don’t want a watch to weight down on your hand and prevent you from doing anything. Our watches are lightweight and don’t weight more than 80 grams. We make sure that we don’t stall your productivity.

Want to make some calls? No problem – All of our wrist watches have slots for SIM cards, so you don’t miss any of those important calls. Just hold your wrist up to your ear or attach some headphones and you’re good to go.

Looking to snap some selfies while you’re going about your day? Don’t worry; these little watches are equipped with cameras up to 5 MP. You won’t be getting crystal clear selfies, but they’re great considering you’re taking them using a mere watch.

Do you think our watches are will lag or they won’t run smoothly? Well, you’re entirely wrong. We have watches with 2 GBs of RAM. So, you can pretty much run anything and we guarantee that the phone won’t slow down even a bit.

Some of the products on our websites also include smart health features. They’ll be able to monitor your vital signs and your footsteps too.


Need to take your things with you on the go? That’s all entirely possible with our great laptops and tablets.

Tablets are perfect if you’re looking to take your mobile and upgrade it into something bigger. They basically have the same features as a laptop and you could even attach a keyboard and convert it in an laptop. They’re equipped with over 4 GBs of RAM. So, don’t worry about lag because these bad boys can run any game of software with ease. Some of our tablets also have cameras so you can get Skype and easily video chat with any of your family and friends. Also, don’t worry about running out of battery. They have 6000 mAH batteries. If you don’t know about mAH, then let us tell you that 6000 mAH will last the entire day under heavy use.


Security Gadgets

Home security gadgets are something that everyone needs. From cameras to intercoms, we have everything your house could need. Let’s start off with our cameras. We have complete security camera sets with 8 cameras coming with the box. There are also 360 security cameras disguised as light bulbs. These all film in 1080p quality, so don’t worry about blurry footage.

We also have audio and video intercoms in our inventory too. Do you need to know who’s at the door before you actually walk down the stairs? That is entirely possible with our intercoms. You can link them to your phone and just turn on the video when there is someone at the door.

Fingerprint entry systems are like the epiphany of security. These are perfect for offices like police departments that need to know when a certain individual comes on goes. Also, they don’t allow entry to anyone whose fingerprint isn’t registered. You could also use these systems in motels or hotels to ensure that only those people with the proper access can enter into a certain room.

Worried about the location of your children? We’ve got your covered. We also have cute little watches for your little ones that look just like your average watches. But, they’re equipped with a GPS. This way you’ll always be able to know exactly where your kids are.

Why Choose Jimac10?

As we said earlier, Jimac10 (www.jimac10.com) is a people’s website. We’re not in this for the money. Sure, just like any other business, we also have a monetary aspect to the Store. We need the money to run the business; otherwise we’d just be bankrupt. We’re making money, but it isn’t our primary concern. Our main focus is to ensure customers satisfaction. Every small part of our Store is tuned to perfection to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible services. We also have a ton of people sitting in the back to answer to all your queries. They’re available around the clock and if you have absolutely any questions about any of our products; they’d be happy to help.

Again, we strive to provide products in the range of our customers. That is why there are absolutely no shipping charges on any of our products. Unlike Amazon or Ebay, we won’t convince you to sign up to some special package or buy some coupon or something like that to give you free shipping. Each product on the site contains free shipping. This is something we promise to each customer regardless of where they are shipping to. You could be shipping to the same state or a different one; you’re still getting free shipment.

Another great reason to go with us would be our products. Sure, we don’t have Mac laptops or Apple watches, but we have great products to match them. Every PRODUCT we sell is checked for possible flaws in manufacturing to ensure that our customer doesn’t have to go through the hassle of returning anything. However, if there is anything wrong with our products, then we accept returns within 15 days of the delivery.

Our Terms and conditions page explains everything you need to know about returns.

Thank you for getting to know more about us.

God Bless.